Care Instructions

Pre -Tan Care:

  • 1. If you plan on getting a mani/pedi, wax, massage, or have an eyelash/eyebrow appointment, please do so 48 hours prior to your tanning appointment.
  • 2. Shave and exfoliate 24 hrs. prior to your appointment. Shaving and exfoliating the day of can leave a barrier on your skin preventing the proper development of your tan.
  • 3. You may shower 12 hrs prior to your tan with approved tan safe soap or body wash.
  • 4. Please see list on our Instagram page. @bronzedbabestanninginc

Day of Appointment

  • 1. Please come to your appointment free of lotions, oils, perfumes, makeup and deodorant.
  • 2. Do NOT wear jewelry.
  • 3. Wear loose fitting dark clothing. Preferably a long sleeve shirt, sweatpants, and sandals.

Post-Tan Care:

  • 1. Please be aware you will not be able to shower until your designated “rinse-time”.
  • 2. You should avoid water, makeup, oils, lotions, deodorant, and perfumes until after your first rinse.
  • 3. If you have furry friends, please do not allow them to lick you until your first rinse.
  • 4. Twenty -four hours post-tan please moisturize twice a day and drink plenty of fluid to keep your skin as hydrated as possible.
  • 5. When drying off, please always pat dry, do NOT rub, as this will effect the longevity of your tan.


  • 1. Please remember the longevity of your tan will be determined by how well you care for it. Avoid soaking in pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, oceans, and sitting in saunas.
  • 2. Your tan does not act as a sunscreen, please always use a sunscreen to protect your skin.