I’m tanning for a special event, when should I make my appointment?

We recommend tanning 24 hours prior to your special event. Spray tans need 24 hours to fully develop and settle into your skin.

How long will my tan last?

Tans can last up to 10 days if taken care of properly. As your skin naturally sheds your tan will as well.

Q. Will it stain my sheets/clothing?

A. Typically, no. We recommend you wear dark loose fitting clothing because the bronzer can get on your clothes. If you choose to wear light colors to your tan session, please be aware they should be washed after your first rinse. We do have products that help to prevent your bronzer from transferring.

Q. How long does the appointment take?

A. Most tanning sessions take approximately 20 min. This does not include the set up and clean up of a mobile tan.

Q. Does my spray tan protect me from the sun?

A. No, spray tan solutions do NOT have SPF in them. We advise all clients to apply sunscreen every hour and a half while having fun in the sun.

Q. What should I expect during my spray tan?

A. Clients may spray tan in the nude, or however they feel most comfortable. We require all men receiving a spray tan must wear an undergarment (underwear, boxers, etc.).

Q. Will my nails/toenails get stained?

A. No, we pay special attention to those manicured nails. Before clients leave, all nailbeds are wiped clean twice to ensure your polish does not stain.